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We like a good comeback

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Make Things Hum is a phrase that originated during the Industrial Revolution. When a large piece of machinery would break down and all production came to a halt, a specialist was called in to Make Things Hum or run smoothly again. It’s also our mission. Cypress Village is a charming HOA community in Cypress, California which is approximately 45 years young. Andre has been serving this community for over half its life (22 years). A couple years ago the board of directors decided to do its due diligence for its residents and check current landscape pricing against Andre pricing – so they took their landscape contract out to bid.


A vendor came in with a bid that was 25% lower than our current contract and even though they were very happy with our service, they decided to save money and give another vendor a try. During that year Cypress Village’s turf suffered considerably, as well as their pruning and planter care.

Various boring insects began to attack their mature Sycamore & Liquidambar trees and the current vendor had no expertise in this area of arbor care. The on-site landscape crew was always racing around, cutting the lawn while running, and unconscientious of the handling and storage of harmful chemicals — all this made the residents of Cypress Village very uneasy.


Even after being replaced we continued to check in with Cypress Village, providing advice and answering questions. After a year, unhappy residents went out to bid again. They wanted Andre back, but also needed it to work within their budget. To offset their monthly fee, we proposed a full-time on site irrigation technician to avoid going over budget on irrigation repairs.

We also created an assessment and treatment plan to save their mature trees, averting costly removals, and a plan to enhance their aging entrances and pool area, in phases and within their budget, creating revitalization within the community.


The turf has bounced back both in health and appearance – larger equipment – no running necessary. Their water usage and irrigation budget is back on track too. We inventoried and mapped their urban forest on our GPS tree software which keeps a record of a tree’s life and health history. Andre arborists treated the infested trees utilizing the latest technology, injecting the trees with a serum to heal and protect from the invasive pest Polyphagous Shot Hole Bore which was attacking their trees. The trees have responded positively with improved health and growth, saving residents the high costs of large tree removals. The community cannot say enough about how happy they are now that Andre is back and how quickly we were able to turn the landscape around again. You know we like a good comeback.