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The Retreat is a pristine, expansive 100-acre HOA community nestled in the Corona hills of California. This high-end guarded community is set in the Temescal Valley, carved in the canyons of the Cleveland National Forest. Its million dollar homes and sprawling open areas wind up and down the canyons, boasting sweeping views of the valley. The Champions Club Golf Course at The Retreat is woven into this community. The benchmark of service for a property of this caliber should be the gold-standard of care, however, The Retreat was nowhere near receiving that kind of service.


Their grounds were unruly and their overall landscape was inconsistently trimmed, severely overgrown in many areas, with lack of definition between plants, beds and turf. The parkways that meander throughout the community were in disarray, huge bare areas and weeds throughout.

Their irrigation system was in the worst condition of all – under-watering in areas, over-watering in others, water run-off and a drip system that was dysfunctional. The irrigation programming was the same, whether in sun or shade, regardless of the plant needs and light conditions- costing the homeowners of The Retreat a great deal of money in water mismanagement.  A portion of The Retreat is irrigated with recycled water from a lake with no meter. Its filters were located outside the property grounds unknown to the board or previous landscape contractor. The filters and valves were never maintained and so severely plugged that the master values needed replacing for the system to function again.


We rolled up our sleeves and went right to work, identifying items that needed immediate action, working with the board and landscape committee every step of the way.  One of the first orders of business was to get their water management under control, including creating irrigation legends for each of their 19 clocks, cleaning out the recycled water filters and system and replacing master values to get this beneficial system back on its feet again. Concurrently creating a rotation schedule for the timely and regular trimming of plant material throughout the site.

Next was to initiate turf scalping, reseeding and feeding schedules for the revitalization of their parkways. And then, continue to Listen, listen, and listen again, to the board and landscape committee’s concerns and priorities, addressing each through actionable, realistic steps, resulting in visible, tangible impact to the community.



The Retreat now has a renovated entrance that’s in harmony with their upscale community. Parkways and grounds are green, lush and orderly in just a matter of months. Their recycled irrigation system is operating efficiently again, supplying the community with ¼ non-domestic irrigation water. We irrigate to the needs of the landscape and conditions, which has created a substantial savings- $10,000 in the first 2 months- with more savings to follow as we continue to perfect their water management. At the board’s request, we’ve also customized our tree care into quarterly sessions so that we can address their arbor care concerns or needs regularly. We meet 3 times a month with the board of directors and landscape committee. We walk the property with them, discuss their next priorities and how we’ll continue to move the community forward. All our work has been done on budget, with integrity, transparency and intentional communication. We are a landscape firm that gets things moving in the right direction again – It’s our mission- Make things hum.