We combat pre-existing conditions with new technology

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We combat pre-existing conditions with new technology

Land Care


Solera is a 45-acre senior community in Beaumont, CA with park areas, meandering trails and large open space native landscape designed for the outdoor enjoyment of its residents.  The homeowners of Solera are often seen walking and biking within the quaint community enjoying retirement in their picturesque environment.


Although Solera appears to be the picture of health, it did have problems. Poor soil composition and high PH level deficiencies in their soil limited the plants uptake of water.

This resulted in over watering and high water bills. The poor soil composition, coupled with high PH levels at Solera needed to be corrected.


Andre partnered with Soil Technologies to adjust the PH levels in the soil through the application of chosen natural products.

Our objective was to improve Solera’s soil composition to maximize water penetration and allow the uptake of water to the plants’ root zones. This would allow us to cut back on their irrigation cycles.


Using these natural products, Solera’s soil composition and plant health is greatly improved, resulting in shorter duration irrigation cycle times, improved plant health, and lower water bills.